Are you needing a Story Shift in your life?  A new narrative in which the old story that keeps repeating in negative mindsets or difficult emotional states is released and a new, more positive, and empowering story is played out in your life chapters.  A life chapter entitled, ‘Living Transformed’ where you know how to Travel Lightly and Freely, knowing your value, worth, and divine purpose and walk that out.  Part of my work as a therapist is to come alongside you and to help you to clear the obstacles that are blocking you from living out the best version of YOU. 

The areas of focus in my counseling practice include individuals struggling with substance abuse/addiction or experiencing roadblocks in recovery, childhood HeART wounds that interfere with optimal wellness (eg; issues of anxiety, depression, problems with emotion regulation, or repeating old patterns) or grief due to the loss of a loved one or a difficult life transition. 

I am trained in Expressive Arts Therapy and this is a specialty and a passion I bring to the work together where I bridge creative practices with the healing & recovery journey. 

Take a step of courage and invest in You TODAY.  Call me at 925.222.1568 for an initial 20 - minute free consult to determine if it is the ‘right fit’ to work together in healing and living transformed, one day at a time.