A central tenant in the foundation of my counseling practice is that who I am as a person and what I bring to the client-therapist relationship in this way is of utmost importance.  In this regard, I bring a warm demeanor, authentic presence, compassionate heart, and respect for you as a person of immeasurable value and worth. 

Due to my own personal life journey with many ‘seasons of suffering’, my capacity to hold and be a witness to painful feelings with empathy and gentleness is deep.  With my passion for healing, recovery, and the expressive arts, I offer a unique approach to healing wounds of the heart.  Wounding often happens in relationships and therein healing often happens in the context of a supportive, guiding relationship.  I provide a sacred and safe environment to ‘hold space’ for you to find ways to heal and flourish in life. 

In my practice at this time, I am focusing on individuals seeking help with substance abuse issues who are in Recovery (Creative Recovery), those interested in removing emotional roadblocks to being the best version of YOU through Creative Wellness, and those experiencing a loss and needing support to navigate the grief process without getting stuck (Creative Grief Counseling). 

I have worked in the field of mental health in a myriad of capacities over the past twenty-three years to include inpatient psychiatric hospitals, outpatient mental health, community-based counseling settings, and chemical dependency programs. 

My theoretical orientation is Integrative and incorporates aspects of the following:  Humanistic (Rogerian – providing the conditions of ‘unconditional positive regard’ and empathy), Psychodynamic (understanding how one’s childhood inner template serves as a map that influences how one relates to self, others, and the world) Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) (the power of our automatic thoughts and core beliefs to impact our emotional worlds), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (model for Trauma work which asserts that trauma is held in the body as a legacy of symptoms and a body-oriented intervention is needed to have a healing, corrective emotional experience), and Expressive Arts Therapy (the power of the arts to include journaling, poetry writing, movement/dance, visual art/drawing/collage, and music to express feelings, increase self-awareness, and facilitate healing growth). 

My approach takes into account the whole person and in this way is holistic, attending to body, mind, HeART, and spirit.  This not only includes attending to a person’s thoughts/beliefs and HeART wounds but to the spiritual dimension as well.  I believe that one’s spiritual dimension is important to incorporate and essential to one’s overall mental health.  I value caring for the soul in ways that support meaning and sacredness in everyday life.  With this comes my core belief in the inherent worth of each individual and the power of grace. 

Take a step of courage and invest in You TODAY.  Call me at 925.222.1568 for an initial 20 - minute free consult to determine if it is the ‘right fit’ to work together in healing and living transformed, one day at a time.